West-Test Laboratory is a totally independent NATA world accredited laboratory specializing in concrete testing.

WA’s Leading Independent Concrete Testing Service

With over 39 years’ experience, West-Test has mastered a simply effective solution to concrete and compaction testing here in WA.

No project is too big or too small. We test everything concrete from house slabs to bridges to sophisticated multiplex buildings. Major projects in our portfolio include

Fiona Stanley Hospital

Capital Square 

Carousel Shopping Centre

Carlton Ritz

Elizabeth quays

New Perth Stadium (optus stadium)

Other services include penetrometer testing, dry shrinkage testing and out of metropolitan concrete testing to support all industrial, commercial and residential building constructions.

Our Laboratory is a N.A.T.A Accredited system to ensure best industry practice through high quality testing and first class equipment.

West-test is unique in its value of being Perth’s only independent laboratory specialising in concrete testing . We pride ourselves on providing efficient, accurate and reliable testing services at the most competitive prices. Also as a family owned business we value integrity and precision, as we act as an external advisory initiative providing concrete strength analysis to ensure our clients achieve their goals and our ever growing city remains strong and safe.


The unique aspect of West-Test that differentiates us as business from other testing laboratories is that we are solely an independent enterprise. The founding story of West-Test was a result of Perth’s building industry’s need for a third party organisation to test and check concrete solutions. At the time, concrete was tested internally by the same company producing the concrete. Much like a student marking their own homework, using a third party testing laboratory is better practice as we test with an unbiased and fair system with technicians that are knowledgeable and experienced in the field. With this independent system, we aim to minimise the risk of error and protect our client’s interests and projects.

The many benefits of booking tests with West-Test include;

  • Industry best practice
  • Efficiency in testing and receiving results
  • Reliability
  • Lowest pricing
  • Service all concrete projects including industrial, commercial and residential
  • Options for out of metro testing service
  • 39 years’ experience in the field
  • Family owned business
Dry Shrinkage
Westtest would like to announce that our new Shrinkage room for Dry Shrinkage is operational and accredited to AS 1012 13
West-Test Website
West-Test Web site is up and running, and for all you Testing requirements look us up at